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Searching for a New Treasurer

The search for a new Treasurer is on !!!

Hi All,

The way our by-laws are written ,the Executive committee is elected by the region membership. The by-laws also state the we serve a two year term with the maximum being four years total in an elected position. This is simple term limits, Lynda Sobus , our beloved and honored treasurer has reached her four year limit and therefore has to step down as treasurer. We are extremely fortunate to have Lynda serve as treasurer.  She will be stepping down but may stay on in another position.  Her term is up in December of 2017.  We are actively looking for her replacement . The transition will be much easier the sooner we find someone to fill her position, that way she can answer any questions that may arise.   If  you are curious or interested please contact either Lynda or me.

Thank you,


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