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ByLaw changes

The Executive Committee of the Chesapeake Region, Porsche Club of America is proposing two amendments to the Region’s By Laws.  Both Amendments apply to Article 8: Committees, and they are intended to make management of the Region more effective.  The first proposed Amendment is to create a standing Committee Chair position for the Chesapeake Challenge.  This annual event is a major undertaking for the Region, and the Region’s Officers believe it merits a position among the club’s standing committees.  The second proposed Amendment is to create a standing Audit Committee to regularly review the club’s finances.   

Language for the proposed amendments is as follows: 

  1. A Chesapeake Challenge Chair to oversee the selection of the event site, secure the site, and manage the entire process including the volunteers, meals, awards, graphics, and special awards.  The chair will prepare a budget and submit it to the Executive Committee for approval. 
  1. An Audit Committee consisting of three active members to review the region’s financial accounting system on an annual and on-demand basis as requested by the Executive Committee. 

In accord with the region’s bylaws, the amendments will be presented for a vote by the membership at the February 15, 2017 board meeting.  Any member present at the meeting may vote on the proposed amendments.

Wags & Wheels Results

Autocross results from October 29

Porsche Club of America – Chesapeake Region