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Tech Sessions

We can all agree our Porsches are a work of art, comprised of superior engineering and world-class craftsmanship. But sometimes that state-of-the-art technology keeps the hobbyist or best DIYers from attempting simple maintenance projects. Tech sessions help members get the most enjoyment from their cars by providing technical information about all phases of maintenance. Past sessions have included brake maintenance, car detailing, inspecting your car for driving events, and many more.

We offer a variety of tech sessions at local dealers and shops through out each year. With monthly meetings, the Tech Session is a gathering designed to provide information for members about the systems and components of both their new and vintage Porsches.

Sessions include education on maintenance and repair, emerging technology, paint and body, and detailing. They also provide opportunity to meet with local business and dealerships to establish relationships. Tech Sessions are a great way to meet fellow PCA members and talk cars, experiences, or whatever comes to mind.

Tech Sessions vary in dates and locations, look for updates in your email.

Tech Session Chairs:

Rob Mairs & Jim Earlbeck  email to:


A List of our Upcoming Tech Sessions

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