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Rallies and Tours

We all love to drive our Porsches, that’s why we buy and cherish them so much.  It doesn’t matter if we are in the driver’s seat of a vintage Porsche, a middle production Porsche, or a new model Porsche, we all enjoy being in that driver’s seat.  We also love to have a partner, friend, or co-participant riding along with us.  This Porsche driving experience is the tie-in to our Chesapeake Region Rallies and Tours.

The Tour 

Tours are a non-competitive fun driving event with your Porsche, your partner or friend, and your other PCA friends.  The Tour event will involve a pleasant drive with zero stress in a caravan to an equally pleasant ending location, such as a winery, a luncheon with your PCA friends, or some other activity or destination.   While the norm for a rally or a tour is for 2 members per car, with the larger Porsche models available today, it can also be a family event.  If there are restrictions, they will be provided in the individual event information along with details about the venue, the starting point, the distance, and the duration.  Click here to see the Driving Tour Minimum Standards 2017

Here’s the 2018 schedule at a glance.  Tour Schedule

The Rally 

The major difference between the two is that in the Rally event, there’s a little competition between the teams.  After all, competition is a big part of the Porsche heritage.  The Rally is designed not to be difficult, but just enough to bring out the competitiveness in most of us.  In rallying, the old saying—-“practice makes perfect” very much applies.  It takes team coordination between a driver and a navigator, and a bit of luck to succeed.  Rally speeds are always prescribed to be within local speed limits. The rally is not a “SPEED EVENT”.  Quite the contrary, the aim is for everyone to have fun, enjoy the drive and the scenery, and arrive at the designated end of the rally safe and happy, with a smile on each face and with the desire to do more rallies with their partner.

The Chesapeake Region wants to feature some of these events each year, maybe even a combined Rally and Tour into one event. IMGP6695

The committee is looking forward to 2016, and we hope to see many newcomers and and our regulars participating in these events this year.

Tours and Rally Committee Chairs: Aniano Arao and Randy Moss


List of our upcoming Tours & Rallies

Porsche Club of America – Chesapeake Region