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ByLaw changes

The Executive Committee of the Chesapeake Region, Porsche Club of America is proposing two amendments to the Region’s By Laws.  Both Amendments apply to Article 8: Committees, and they are intended to make management of the Region more effective.  The first proposed Amendment is to create a standing Committee Chair position for the Chesapeake Challenge.  This annual event is a major undertaking for the Region, and the Region’s Officers believe it merits a position among the club’s standing committees.  The second proposed Amendment is to create a standing Audit Committee to regularly review the club’s finances.    Language for the proposed amendments is as follows: 
  1. A Chesapeake Challenge Chair to oversee the selection of the event site, secure the site, and manage the entire process including the volunteers, meals, awards, graphics, and special awards.  The chair will prepare a budget and submit it to the Executive Committee for approval. 
  1. An Audit Committee consisting of three active members to review the region’s financial accounting system on an annual and on-demand basis as requested by the Executive Committee. 
In accord with the region’s bylaws, the amendments will be presented for a vote by the membership at the February 15, 2017 board meeting.  Any member present at the meeting may vote on the proposed amendments.

January 14 – After Holiday Party


DATE:           Saturday, January 14, 2017                                   LOCATION:  Turf Valley Resort COST:                        $45 per person                                             2700 Turf Valley Road TIME:                       6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.                               Ellicott City, Maryland 21042 REGISTRATION IS ON LINE ONLYWWW.CLUBREGISTRATION.NET and will open on 01 December and close on 15 December, unless the maximum number of participants is met prior to that date.  This year we have increased the number of people who will be able to attend to 125 by adjusting how we will conduct the Yankee Swap (see below)! We still expect a sold-out event, so register early! AGENDA:    6:00 – 7:00    Cocktails (cash bar), Champagne and Hors d’oeuvres                         7:30                 Filet Mignon and Crab Cake seated dinner                         8:15                 Awards presentations followed by the Yankee Swap Contact: For questions contact Chair/Registrar: Donna Note your calendars for an encore performance of the premier event of the season, the After Holiday Party and Yankee Swap. Chesapeake Region has established a reputation for the finest and fiercest Yankee Swap in PCA, one that has been copied by other regions, but never quite duplicated. The social hour and dinner are spectacular enough, even in a group that defines itself as a “social club, with a serious car problem”, but the Yankee Swap makes the event. A “Gift Exchange” is merely a mild description of the feeding frenzy that takes hold at this triple steal event. Chesapeake Region, despite being below the Mason Dixon Line, puts the “Yankee” into Yankee Swap…. The good stuff is coveted, hoarded and only grudgingly given up under duress. The original emcee team of Alban and Gutjahr, more popularly known as The Bob and Manny Show, will once again host this sell-out event. This year there will be a change to how the Yankee Swap is done. To allow us to increase attendance to 125 people, we will be limiting the Yankee Swap gift to one per couple. Each couple who wants to play just needs to bring a wrapped “car-related” gift, approximately valued at $25-$30. (Of course, if you prefer, you may attend the event and not participate in the Swap, but be prepared to feel left out once the fun begins!) Be sure to bring a gift that you’d be happy to take home, because you never know what will happen! All gifts are placed together and names are drawn one at a time… each participating couple has the choice of choosing a new gift, or stealing one that has been opened before. Don't worry, the rules will be explained prior to the start of the Swap and Manny and Bob will make sure you laugh so much your cheeks hurt!

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