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About the Concours

Concours, short for Concours d’Elegance, is an event in PCA where members compete for the honor of best presented Porsche. PCA Concours are open to any Porsche whether it is a meticulous restoration or well maintained “daily driver”.

Cars entered in PCA Concours are placed in classes based on year and model. Each area of the car (Exterior, Interior, Engine, Wheels etc) is evaluated for preparation and cleanliness by a team of judges using a point system with the highest score winning.

PCA Concours involve the entries beginning judged in either full or street divisions. The full concours tends to attract the more serious competitors since all areas and parts are subject to “white glove” evaluation from the tool kit to the undercarriage. Cars in full concours are judged against the new or show room condition with small blemishes causing point deductions.

Where as the full division attracts infrequently used cars the street division is for driven cars. Cleanliness and preparation is the key to winning but evidences of use are not major deductions. The undercarriage is not judged and in some “wash and shine” events the engine and storage compartments are closed as well.

In Chesapeake we enjoy variety of events where members are able to display their cars. We have low key competitions in conjunction with our traditional events such as the Crab Feast up to our annual judged Concours at the Chesapeake Challenge. We encourage you to try one of our shows..after all the worst you could get out of the experience is a clean car.

If you want to know more about PCA concours, region events or car preparation in general please contact me at

Ron Gordon
Chesapeake Concours Chairman

Porsche Club of America – Chesapeake Region