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Community Service

Since the Porsche Club of America was formed in 1955, regions have prioritized community service and charitable contributions. Charity events run the range from the very modest, raising $150 or so for favorite charities to events designed to raise thousands of dollars.

The objectives and the ideals of the Chesapeake Region PCA are providing service and support to charities and the community.

Chesapeake Region’s most valuable assets are its members.

The range of imagination, the clever creative ideas and the general tone of the responses indicate that there are very few things that our Club cannot accomplish, if we put our collective minds to work.

We hope you will join your club members in donating time and funds to help all of our annual events successfully help our benefactors.

If you have an organization that is looking for fundraising help email or

We are currently the proud sponsors of:

First Fruits Farm –

The YMCA of Central Maryland –

Kindertime Toy drive  

Linda’s Legacy –

A list of our Community Service Activities

Porsche Club of America – Chesapeake Region