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Junior’s Participation Program

Junior's Program Information

In the Fall of 2001, PCA National set forth a program that would allow 16 and 17 year olds to participate in Autocross and Rally Driving events.

Forms are available for download at the bottom of the page.

Program Summary:

  • This program is open to fully licensed (unrestricted by the State of residence) 16 or 17 year old sons and daughters of active (paid up) PCA members. It is not open to step children, brothers and sisters, nieces or nephews, or other 16/17 year old minors. It is not open to sons and daughters with learner’s permits.
  • The PCA member parent must be present at the event site at all times the minor is present and vehicles are in motion.
  • At registration, the PCA member parent must present one waiver form signed AND witnessed by BOTH parents and one signed and witnessed by the minor. The waivers must specifically list the particular event being entered, however parents may separately list multiple events on a single waiver.
  • The requirement for both parents signatures is waived only if the other parent is deceased. In the case of divorced parents, it is specifically not waived, as long as both parents are alive. Registrars may take the word of the PCA member if they represent the other parent as being deceased.

The program is optional at the region level and specifically does not apply to Parade events.

FAQ – Common Questions and Answer about the program (Adobe pdf format)

Please print out the forms and bring them to the autocross. Without the forms filled out and submitted at each event, your son or daughter will not be able to participate in the event.

Parental Consent Form to be filled out by the Minor’s legal Guardian (Adobe pdf format)

Minor Assumption of Risk to be filled out by the Minor (Adobe pdf format)

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