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President’s Message

2018 President's Message

Happy New Year Everyone!

As your newly elected President, I have the honor and privilege to communicate with you on a monthly basis and discuss the goings on within the Chesapeake Region.  First off, last November your Committee and Board Members met to discuss and establish the types of events, assign date(s) to each event, and resolve event date conflicts and overlaps.   Happily, we were able to plan the entire year, but with the full understanding, events and dates may need to be adjusted.

Ok, enough of the administrative talk – now, let’s look at what’s planned for the first three months of 2018, so please mark your calendar:

  1. January 13th      After Holiday Party, Turf Valley Resort (SOLD OUT within two weeks)

                          17th      Board and Committee Meeting (open to all members)

                          24th      Social, Carrabba, Hunt Valley, MD

                           27th      Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, Party Hosted by Porsche of Silver Spring

  1. February 10th      Tech Committee, Ceramic Coatings and Films

                        17th      Super Slot Car Night, Parkville Family Y of Maryland

                        24th      Tech Tactics East, PCA National Event, Easton, PA (Tentative Date)

                        28th      Social, Location TBD

  1. March 3rd        New Member Party, Porsche of Silver Spring

                        9th        Werks Reunion, PCA National Event, Amelia Island (9th – 11th)

                        14th      Social, Location TBD

                        16th      Zone 2 Driver Education, Virginia International Raceway (16th – 18th)

                        21st      PCACHS Volunteer Appreciation Party, Carson’s Creek Restaurant

                        24th      Tour & Rally School, Location TDB

                        25th      Autocross, Instructor Course, Location TBD

                        28th      Board and Committee Meeting (open to all members)

As you see from the above list of events, the Board and Committee Chairs are hard at work planning events for you the Chesapeake Region Membership. Remember, it may be the Porsche marque, but in some way it’s really about the companionship!  I do hope you have an opportunity to take advantage of at least one of these activities and join in with your fellow members.

With the Patter now in the talented hands of Al Saxon and Ron Farb, they would love to receive member feedback to learn firsthand what you think about the new newsletter design and layout?  You can contact both Al and Ron at Ron and Al need your help, as the newsletter is only as good as the articles and photos you send them.  For example, where did you vacation this past year?  Were you fortunate enough to travel to Europe and drive through majestic mountains or 9th Century city states?  How about your special trip to Stuttgart, Germany and see the Porsche museum and factory? Those historic cars each have a story to tell that needs to be shared, so please take a look through your photos and jot down your thoughts and quickly you’ll see those notes become a paragraph and then a story that should be shared.  What better way to convey the idea that all Porsche owners should plan a trip to Stuttgart and take in the wondrous history of the Porsche than to read from a fellow PCA member.

Did you say you wish you could help out at the After Holiday Party, an Autocross event, one of the local Tours, or you have a favorite restaurant that would be a great place to hold one of the monthly Socials? We are always looking for new ideas and individuals willing to step up an volunteer to help out with one of the events.  For example, on December 10th at the Linda’s Legacy/Kindertime Toy Drive at Porsche of Towson, we had no less than a dozen extra volunteers pitch-in to un-box, sort and stuff 603 backpacks!  At $25/backpack, the Chesapeake Region members contributed a total of $20,075 to Linda’s Legacy. That’s a 23.5% increase over last year’s total of 461backpacks at $11,525.  By the way, your club contributed by purchasing 200 of those 603 backpacks.  That’s $5,000 of the $20,075 total!  Our continued Community Service generosity to Linda’s Legacy, First Fruit Farms and the NICU at Mercy Hospital, is very special and I truly hope we can continue this effort in 2018 and the years to come.

Let’s keep in touch, talk to me at an upcoming event, or email me with whatever is on your mind at and I look forward to seeing you on the road real soon!

Have fun and Drive Safely!                                                                                       Michael

Porsche Club of America – Chesapeake Region